Documenting you & the ones you're mad for!


Taking an editorial approach, capturing you and your loved ones in your element.

elegant & timeless. 

Honest, elegant & timeless.


I am based in Melbourne, but will happily travel near and far to capture all of my loved up couples and families.

behind the lens


& I'm here to document you and your love.

In my laps around the sun, I’ve learned a couple of things. Firstly, I absolutely LOVE love. It makes the sun shine a little brighter, makes me laugh a little louder, and makes this thing we call life so, so sweet.  Secondly, and most importantly for you, chatty Kathy over here (a.k.a me!) loves people. I love that when I document your wedding or family portraits, I get a snippet of you in one of the most special and exciting chapters of your life. I get to know you, find out about how you got here, and learn about your hopes and dreams for what’s next. It’s this “gold medal worthy” ability to chat so effortlessly (something my teachers once thought was hindering but actually came in pretty handy) that will help me capture and elevate your unique moments into keepsakes that you'll love and your grandkids will cherish for lifetimes to come!


"Jess, there is no one I trust more to capture the formal, the authentic, the candid and everything in-between. You have such a natural way of highlighting moments and memories in your images, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have these keepsakes for a lifetime. "


Motherhood Session



Let me guess, you are a fun and quirky soul that thinks you aren't photogenic...

I'm excited to tell you that there is no secret sauce! It's all about us having a good time and letting the true moments shine, just like YOU!
My sessions are fun, relaxed and will reflect your truest self. Like what you hear?

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